WORLDiscoveries establishes Chinese technology transfer office in Nanjing

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Western University’s technology transfer office – WORLDiscoveries (WD) is the leading university technology transfer institution in Canada. Since November 2009, WD has kept close connection and frequent communication with Jiangsu Technology Office and its subsidiary, the provincial international technology transfer office, and subsequently established strong partnership in areas of technology innovation, collaborative research, technology transfer and related fields. To further strengthen the connection between UWO’s advanced technologyresearch and local industry’s need for innovative technologies, and to facilitate the transfer of UWO’s technologies to Jiangsu province, WD decided to setup Western’s Chinese technology transfer office in Nanjing.

The office is the first Canadian university technology transfer office established in China. The establishment of the office marks the new age of technology exchange, transfer, and collaboration between Ontario province and China, especially with Jiangsu province. Larger quantity, higher quality, and broader fields of collaborative projects between the two are to be expected in the future.

The R&D services provided by WD Asia’s Nanjing office will focus on areas such as life science, biotech, green energy, and environmentally-friendly technologies. The main service of the office will be to foster licensing deals and to help establish start-ups in order to develop the technologies to market-ready and commercially-viable high-tech products in Jiangsu province and in other areas in China.

WD Nanjing has established great collaboration with many institutions in Jiangsu province, such as Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer, Nanjing University, Kunshan RNAi Institute, and many other high-tech companies. The next step for the office will be to strengthen the collaboration with research institutions, high-tech companies, and technology transfer institutions in the province to improve the efficiency and success rate of the technology transfer process and projects.

The mayor of the City of London Ontario, the president of Western University, along with a group of researchers and officials visited Nanjing in April 2012, and attended the opening ceremony of UWO’s technology transfer office in Nanjing on April 26 in Nanjing.

ecommWORLDiscoveries establishes Chinese technology transfer office in Nanjing

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