Western University signed an Agreement with Xiamen Bioway Biotech Co., Ltd for creation of a joint venture

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In early 2011, the Western University (Western) and Xiamen Bioway Biotech Co., Ltd reached a cooperation agreement on “Small Molecules, Peptide, and Nucleotide Therapeutics for Promoting Nerve Regeneration Following Neurotrauma”. Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a personally catastrophic event that often results in disability and lifelong institutional care requirements. This technology uses small molecules, peptide, and nucleotide to promote nerve regeneration following neurotrauma. It is expected the said technology can repair damages in the spectrum of central nervous system disorders including Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, and response to neurodegenerative disease.

After more than ten years of hard work, Xiamen Bioway Biotech Co., Ltd has developed as one of the leading enterprises in Chinese biological industry with a high international competitiveness. The company has attached great importance to R&D, and formed a consummate bio-medicine research centre with a group of excellent researchers.

To further to the current cooperation and relations between Western and the company, the two sides reached an agreement to create a joint venture. A new company, NewCo, will be formed as a result of the joint venture. It is expected the establishment of Newco will help to enhance the communication and bring about further cooperation between the both parties.

Mr. Ren, the vice president of Xiamen Bioway Biotech Co., Ltd, said he was very glad the to form a joint venture with Western and he was looking forward to bringing new product of the technology to the product market and helping patients to conquer their diseases.

ecommWestern University signed an Agreement with Xiamen Bioway Biotech Co., Ltd for creation of a joint venture

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