The “Nanjing-Canada medical project exchange meeting” was successfully held

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At 14:00 on September 17, 2018, the “Nanjing-Canada medical project exchange meeting” was held in the biomedical valley enterprise service center of Jiangbei new district, Nanjing.
This activity is co-sponsored by Jiangsu transnational technology transfer center and Nanjing municipal science and technology committee, organized by Nanjing Jiangbei new district life and health development management office and Worldiscoveries Asia of university of western Ontario, Canada, and also supported by department of science and technology of Jiangsu province.

This activity invited the high-level leaders and experts from 6 innovative enterprises, universities and research institutes in Ontario, Canada, to conduct a number of road shows of medical projects. The meeting focused on “the tumor therapy”, “regenerative medicine”, “medical image”, “medical consumables”, etc. and gathered from the field of medical biological well-known experts, professors, scholars, pharmaceutical enterprise high-level management personnel, the investment community professionals, a total of more than 50 people to share the latest technological achievements and discuss the new model of medical achievements transfer between China and Canada.
The medical projects brought by Canadian representatives in this meeting have aroused strong interest from local enterprises and investment circles. After the meeting, representatives of several participating units had one-to-one communication with Canadian representatives, and discussed the projects at a deeper level. This activity has played a positive role in promoting the domestic transformation of Canada’s excellent medical scientific and technological achievements and promoting the exchanges of scientific and technological activities between China and Canada.

ecommThe “Nanjing-Canada medical project exchange meeting” was successfully held

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