WD Asia team participated in the Bio Korea 2022

by ecomm on August 26, 2022 No comments

The WD Asia team attended BIO KOREA 2022 which was held in both onsite and online from May 11-13, 2022. BIO KOREA has been held every year since 2006 and serves as a business platform for international biohealth companies. As an international convention, BIO Korea is known for providing various opportunities to develop business networks and assure competitive advantages in the bio health industry.

This was an amazing opportunity for the WD Asia team to have an overview of Korea life science industry through its curated seminars and forums. Moreover, we had 9 zoom meetings with strategic and industrial partners to discussing the WD Asia platform as well as the projects that we represent. Through BIO Korea, WD Asia team was given the chance to explore Korea market and foster more partnerships within the Korean life science ecosystem. We will continue to enhance our position in this market and connect with local partners in the regions in the near future.

ecommWD Asia team participated in the Bio Korea 2022

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