WD Asia Team participated in Effervescence 2022

by ecomm on September 1, 2022 No comments

The WD Asia team was able to attend Effervescence 2022 in person in May 2022. The conference won awards for being one of the best in Canada in terms of program, execution, relationship building opportunities and its sustainability footprint.

The conference itself was comprised of series of 7 workshops, 15 panels and 2 different series of pitch competition, one for startups and one for research students.

WD Asia was primarily interested in the startup pitch competition in hopes to explore the growing life science sector in Montreal and also expand our business network in the Quebec region. We were successful in connecting with various stakeholders in the sector such as McGill HBHL, SNC-Lavalin, Merck USA, JLabs Canada, Oyster Venture and Innovacorp. WD Asia will continue to grow its business network and aim to collaborate with more Quebec based SMEs.

ecommWD Asia Team participated in Effervescence 2022

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