Marketing & Promotion

WORLDiscoveries Asia conducts market research, identifies potential leads, and initiates matchmaking efforts for select projects. Our team will provide additional services and functions such as material translation and preparation upon request.

Deal Negotiation & Closing

WORLDiscoveries Asia acts as an intermediary in negotiating and closing of a variety of deals including financing, technology licensing and research collaboration. WORLDiscoveries Asia brokers each step in negotiation to closing, including post deal execution and relationship management between Canadian SMEs and Asian partners.

Partnership Facilitation

WORLDiscoveries Asia helps researchers and inventors from Canada to commercialize their prospect technologies through partnering with Asian firms by initiating partnership discussions and facilitating follow-up communications.

Delegation Trips

WORLDiscoveries Asia organizes a periodic delegation mission trips to Asia. During these trips, WORLDiscoveries Asia conducts targeted roadshow events. Canadian SMEs can also obtain tailored site visits and meetings with suitable Asian partners.