Dual-action therapies for epilepsy

From the 60M epileptics worldwide, about 30% of them are/will be nonresponsive to all current traditional anti-seizure medication, thus representing a large unmet medical need and a major economic burden. The epilepsy drug market is a large ($4.5B) and growing market (CAGR of 3.8%) to reach $5.5B by 2022.

Targeting RAD51 and BRCA2 for cancer therapy

Cancer cells are inherently unstable. That instability has been exploited as a tumor-selective cancer therapy. Cancer cells depend heavily on mechanisms, including DNA repair, that allow them to survive in the face of accumulated damage to DNA.

Novel Human Cell Collection & Transportation Technology

The company is dedicated in cryopreserving people's own cells for future personalized regenerative therapeutics and genomic analysis to provide medically relevant foresight into patients' current and future health.

A novel material for transdemal drug delivery of multiple small molecule

Avro Life Science has developed a novel material for transdermal drug delivery of multiple small molecule drugs, across a wide range of therapeutic categories including cardiovascular health, neuroscience, diabetes, consumer health, and more.

Fully Immersive VR & Haptic Surgical Simulators System

The next generation of surgeons expect their training experiences to be dynamic, innovative, realistic and customize to multiple procedure/patient specifics. Marion Surgical are working with surgeons from around the globe to build a truly next generation suite of Virtual Reality Surgical Training Simulators.

Resorbable bone tape for CMF(Craniomaxillofacial)fractures

Description of the Invention CMF fractures occur from physical trauma such as vehicular accidents, fights, falls and sports injuries. Following surgical reduction to achieve anatomical alignment and bone union, facial fractures are usually immobilized with between 3 and 5 titanium or PLA/PLGA resorbable mini-plates. Implantation requires drilling into healthy bone and the delicate insertion of

Personalized cancer treatment selection device

Pear’s technology is based on the combination of microfluidics (body on a chip) and biomaterials (hydrogel mimicking human tumor microenvironment) to recreate the lifecycle of cancer drugs outside a patient’s body.

A novel solution for control of bleeding

Trauma to the torso (chest, abdomen, pelvis and back) occurs and compression cannot be applied. Non-compressible hemorrhage from truncal injury is the leading cause of potentially survivable deaths of American troops and second leading cause in the civilian setting.

A portable, small, and cheap kidney dialuzer

The ratio of supply to demand for kidney organs has always varied widely in any country. There are about 700,000 people in the United States who need or waiting for kidney replacement, but fewer than 20,000 healthy kidneys can be replaced.

Time Resolved Dynamic Angiographic Computed Tomography (TRD-ACT)

The clinical gold standard for assessing the functional significance of a coronary artery stenosis is the invasive fractional flow reserve (FFR) technique, in which a specialized catheter is advanced to the culprit artery with aids of fluoroscopy to measure the flow pressure gradient across a plaque during maximal hyperemia.

ecommA novel material for transdemal drug delivery of multiple small molecule