A cost-effective, convenient, zero-waste biogas hydrogen sulfide removal technology

Description of the Invention

The technology is a cost-effective, convenient, zero-waste targeted gas cleaning solution for the growing three billion dollar global problem caused by toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide in the renewable natural gas industry. It filters hydrogen sulfide out of renewable natural gas, allowing users to drastically reduce their maintenance costs.



  • It’s the most cost-effective H2S removal product based on cost per kilogram of H2S removed, providing over 50% savings compared to similar systems
  • The simplicity of the system requires little capital infrastructure and low operator attendance, making it an accessible option for facilities of any scale


  • It’s high sulfur capacity, compared to similar systems, means that the material lasts longer and requires less change outs
  • It is non-toxic and doesn’t solidify into large pieces making it easier to change-out
  • Minimal monitoring required


  • SulfaCHAR™ is made from organic waste material, such as anaerobic digestate
  • SulfaCHAR™ converts hydrogen sulfide into beneficial forms of sulfur, allowing spent SulfaCHAR™ to be reused as a sulfur rich biochar fertilizer.


  • Biogas (Agriculture, food, waste water, etc.)
  • Landfill Gas
  • Odor (Wastewater treatment plants, Food rendering plants, Petroleum product transport and storage etc.)


hydrogen sulfide, Removal, Biogas, Landfill Gas, odor

ecommA cost-effective, convenient, zero-waste biogas hydrogen sulfide removal technology