A low-cost, portable ultrasound-guided fus system for tumour treatments

Description of the Invention

The platform will be able to accurately target and treat tumors through advanced phased array technology while monitoring and controlling tissue damage through our proprietary Local Harmonic Motion (LHM) technology or through MRI. The result is the highest throughput, most accurately focused ultrasound system for non-invasive treatment. The system does not require a sterile operating room, and through the LHM technology can be delivered in a portable system that does not require large-scale capital equipment.

Focused Ultrasound

Image-guided focused ultrasound surgery is a method that allows energy to be focused deep in the body noninvasively such that targeted tissue can be thermally coagulated or mechanically destroyed. Thus, this method can be used to ablate tumors in a fashion similar to open surgeries but without the associated side effects and need for a sterile operating environment. These benefits will have a huge positive impact on patients’ quality of life while reducing health care costs.

Stage of Market

Dr. Hynynen and colleagues pioneered MRI guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS), which was
commercialized by Insightec (and later by Philips). Insightec received FDA clearance for treatment of uterine fibroids in 2004. These original MRgFUS systems served as an important proof of principle for real-time focused ultrasound treatment delivery and monitoring. However, the device and treatment costs associated with these systems are very high, the treatable patient population is limited, and, most importantly, the target user is not the clinical decision maker.


Over the past decade, the team has invented enabling technologies in transducer technology, driving electronics and ultrasound guidance and monitoring that significantly improve focused ultrasound treatment. The massive transducer arrays and associated electronics allow full electronic steering, resulting in rapid and precise treatment over a large volume. The flexibility of the imaging modality allows the clinical decision maker to operate the system. With these technologies, it will be able to offer clinicians a cost effective, highly effective, low side effect therapy for tumors.

ecommA low-cost, portable ultrasound-guided fus system for tumour treatments