A novel material for transdemal drug delivery of multiple small molecule

Description of the Invention

Avro Life Science has developed a novel material for transdermal drug delivery of multiple small molecule drugs, across a wide range of therapeutic categories including cardiovascular health, neuroscience, diabetes, consumer health, and more. The TDS (transdermal delivery system) is a drug-in-adhesive patch with a backing film, adhesive layer, and a release liner. The technology centers around the aqueous-based adhesive layer, which consists of at least six major feature components: a naturally occurring polysaccharide, a synthetic polymer, a bioadhesive component, a plasticizer, a keratolytic agent, and the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of interest. Notably, one or more of these components/excipients may be utilized to result in a TDS with the preferred properties. The TDS includes naturally abundant polysaccharide component(s). Naturally-derived polysaccharides are a useful base component as they are generally non-toxic and non-antigenic, leading to the potential of polysaccharides to minimize irritation that can be caused by synthetic TDSs. One of the major benefit of polysaccharides is that they are easily derivatized to introduce a variety of properties that would be beneficial for TDS, including enhanced antibacterial, biocompatibility, process ability, adhesive, and film forming properties, as well as introducing ionic components to polysaccharide structure, etc.



ecommA novel material for transdemal drug delivery of multiple small molecule