A novel solution for control of bleeding

Description of the Invention

Trauma to the torso (chest, abdomen, pelvis and back) occurs and compression cannot be applied. Non-compressible hemorrhage from truncal injury is the leading cause of potentially survivable deaths of American troops and second leading cause in the civilian setting. Control of bleeding is the only way to avoid the problems associated with hemorrhage in trauma. The patent pending COBRA™ Occlusion Balloon (Control Of Bleeding, Resuscitation with Artery occlusion) offers a solution to stop internal bleeding in emergency situations where direct pressure cannot be applied. It is superior, safe, effective, portable, and easier to use than any currently available alternative. It offers end users the ease of knowing that they can save lives in a quick and easy manner. Our device supports patients at risk of excessive bleeding to allow for safe transport.


Companies that sell products with the same intended use lie within the space of balloon catheters that are used for Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) procedures. REBOA has not been well received in the prehospital setting – drawbacks including the lengthy procedure time, the skill set required and the associated risks.

  • Minimal training and cheap to produce
  • Without image guidance
  • Low risk of artery and balloon rupture and easily deployed in any environment


  • The target markets are the military, ambulances, operating rooms and emergency departments. The pre-hospital setting (civilian and military) is where the COBRA™ can have the most impact on saving lives and is therefore the main target market for traumatic aortic injury.
  • Due to the superior design features of the COBRA™, it is also well suited for other applications, such as postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Customers will include first responders, trauma surgeons, general surgeons, vascular surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and front line military personnel.


Control of Bleeding, Resuscitation, Artery occlusion, postpartum hemorrhage, truncal injury

ecommA novel solution for control of bleeding