A portable, small, and cheap kidney dialuzer

The ratio of supply to demand for kidney organs has always varied widely in any country. There are about 700,000 people in the United States who need or waiting for kidney replacement, but fewer than 20,000 healthy kidneys can be replaced. According to the research, for these patients, hemodialysis equipment is essential for those patents. For example in the USA, there are about 650,000 patients with kidney failure in the United States, and the annual cost of dialysis is about $80,000 (including medical insurance). The estimated size of the American market is about $50 billion. China has 150 million chronic kidney disease patients, 2 million of them are patients with kidney failure, 500,000 of them are hemodialysis patients. The five-year survival rate for those hemodialysis patients is only 42%.The key reason is not only the disease itself, but also the high cost of dialysis of large equipment in hospitals.

Qidni/D is world’s smallest blood purification device that is wearable and fits in the palm of your hand. It replaces dialysis, provides more frequent therapy and significantly improves the quality of life for patients with kidney failure.

The Qidni portable dialysis machine is palm-sized, weighs just less one pound and can be used almost anywhere continuously, reducing maintenance costs.Compared with the large dialysis machines on the market, our machines do not require dialysate and dialysate regeneration.

Business Model Patent Situation
In the USA market, $78M-$102M/year revenue for every 10,000 patients (65% profit margin). This is based on existing reimbursement model. We believe we can charge more based on our added clinical values and lifestyle change. It’s free for the patient, government medicare system(social security amendment of 1972)

ecommA portable, small, and cheap kidney dialuzer