Bone regeneration products to rebuild bone throughout the body

Description of the Invention

Induce Biologics is a regenerative medicine company developing “game changing” products in the field of bone regeneration. The company’s lead product, URIST™, contains Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) in a proprietary multiphasic release format that forms as an easy-to-use putty. URISTTM can be used in multiple indications where bone repair or fusion is needed. Induce’s innovative products increase efficacy, reduce costs, are easier for surgeons to use, and have lower risk profiles.


  • Aggressive development of URISTTM initial indication for the dental market; fastest route to commercialization into untapped $ billion market
  • Acquire OP-1, a proven BMP-based product with > $100M in sales 2015
  • Launch into the spine and orthopedics markets
  • Allow for expansion of URISTTM into spine market
  • Acquire complimentary product lines currently on the market

Existing run rate of $400K/yr. will grow to $2.5M

Having this three pronged approach of acquiring world class bone regeneration products today with near term commercialization of a proven biologic bone product, followed by the “game changer”, URISTTM,, will make Induce dominate .

Investment Summary and Rationale

  • Established worldwide market of >$1B for bone implant products – biologics taking greater share
  • URIST’s patented release profile represents the next generation to replace current products
  • Easier to use, more efficacious, less expensive, lower risk
  • Longer term approval pathway – product commercialized by 2023
  • Acquisition, recertification and re-launch of OP-1 will result in revenue before the end of 2019
  • Uptake by past user base could result in rapid sales growth, positive cash flow
  • Acquiring complimentary products creates immediate revenue, develops sales channels
  • Experienced management team (science, regulatory, clinical, product development, business)
  • Developed earlier generation products in this market – annual sales > $150M
ecommBone regeneration products to rebuild bone throughout the body