Drug discovery platform for genetic related diseases

Genetic related diseases are often related to abnormal protein expression. A single mutated allele can lead to insufficient protein production. However, current therapeutics only treat symptoms of these diseases.

Geneboost’s drug discovery platform enables real-time and non-invasive detection of protein synthesis specifically from healthy alleles for any genetic disease by simultaneously evaluating drug efficacy, specificity and toxicity in single living cells over time.  

A streamlined workflow  enables high throughput drug screening in less than one month from in-silico target selection. This enables decisions on key target suitability to be conducted in a shorter time frame, and bring better therapeutic candidates to the clinic.

Their drug discovery pipeline is focused on small molecule, neurology indication therapeutics that increase protein production from healthy alleles of haploinsufficient genes. 

Geneboost offers screening services to identify compounds and could prepares customized research reagents for Partners. Geneboost is seeking partners for technology licensing of their novel drug discovery platform and co-development of therapeutics in the drug development pipeline.

ecommDrug discovery platform for genetic related diseases