Forward osmosis technologies for wastewater treatment


Water scarcity and clean water acquisition costs have led to the rapid expansion of desalination or demineralization capacities for the generation of clean water. Low cost high efficiency solutions that produce fresh water from unusable water sources are in high global demand. Global Water Intelligence (GWI) predicts that salt removal and wastewater recycling technologies are expected to become an essential ingredient in operational strategy, growing by 11.4% over the next five years to reach a total market value of almost $12 Billion by 2025 for industrial desalination alone. By partnering with companies having global scope and operational capabilities, The company is addressing this specific growing opportunity.

Technology Summary

The company has developed a breakthrough membrane process that produces fresh water from high mineral content wastewater that cannot be treated by reverse osmosis and is currently only treated with energy intensive processes. Using our proprietary platform, The company is delivering a superior water management solution to the market that will disrupt desalination and industrial waste water processes. The company solution removes water from the source waste at a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies, including thermal evaporation.

Potential Advantages/Applications

The company system delivers a compact, modular, low fouling, and robust water treatment solution to the wastewater management market with the following benefits over conventional treatment:

  • Low energy requirements (potentially solar)
  • Utilizes low grade waste heat
  • Treats TDS levels far beyond the reach of reverse osmosis
  • Mobile design solution
  • Easily integrated with and extends capabilities of existing treatment platforms
  • Applicable to multiple sectors: Desalination, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Waste Streams


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ecommForward osmosis technologies for wastewater treatment