New compounds to treat triple negative breast cancers


Triple negative breast cancers (TNBCs) have the poorest prognosis (5-year survival rate) amongst breast cancers and represents ~15-20% of cases. The projected global market (2026) is $24.7 billion. The biggest challenge is that TNBCs lack therapeutic targetable markers (e.g., HER2, PR). Current treatments include Taxol (e.g., Abraxane) in combination with PARP inhibitors, cisplatin or anthracycline. Taxol is highly effective, but alternatives are needed for patients that are allergic, gain resistance and/or to offer more flexibility for tissue-specific targeting


A modular scaffold have been synthesized with compounds selective for TNBCs. The compounds retain efficacy in Taxol-resistant cells and have demonstrated to reduce or slow TNBC tumour growth in vitro and in mice. Genetic profiles with sensitivity to our compounds have also been identified




ecommNew compounds to treat triple negative breast cancers