Resorbable bone tape for CMF(Craniomaxillofacial)fractures

Description of the Invention
CMF fractures occur from physical trauma such as vehicular accidents, fights, falls and sports injuries. Following surgical reduction to achieve anatomical alignment and bone union, facial fractures are usually immobilized with between 3 and 5 titanium or PLA/PLGA resorbable mini-plates. Implantation requires drilling into healthy bone and the delicate insertion of screws to fixing the plates to the bone across the fracture site.

Cohesys, a Canadian company, has developed the only non-toxic adhesive that strongly adheres to wet bone and tissues without external equipment. The bone tape is flexible and its strength superior to current resorbable plate and screw systems after rigidification. It works on poor quality bones and does not require damaging healthy bone by drilling.
Bone tape is a 2-component proprietary device consisting of:
1. A resorbable, biomimetic wet/dry adhesive
2. A flexible, resorbable polymer tape

•  Decreased fixation time and complexity
•  Improved patient outcome
•  Fully resorbable (tape + adhesive)
•  Inherently flexible
•  Profile matching
•  Reduced learning curve

ecommResorbable bone tape for CMF(Craniomaxillofacial)fractures